HPMS offers professionally organised shore based technical management to work closely with owners achieve quality in commercial shipping. HPMS key technical personnel monitor the operation, maintenance, performance and procedures of each vessel in close collaboration with the shipboard management team to ensure each vessel meets the principalís expectations and all industrial standards. Timely monitoring and reporting is achieved through strict implementation of Quality Assurance procedures with regular hands-on inspections and incorporation of innovative marine practices.

  • Technical supervision and maintenance to agreed standards,
  • Technical supervision for repair, upgrading and dry docking,
  • Source and supply of provisions, stores and spares according to budget,
  • Oversee of valid documentation, certifications, and statutory approvals,
  • Insurance,
  • Technical condition and operating cost analysis


HPMSoffers consultancy services where proven Vetting, ISM and ISO implementation and preparation experience can be drawn upon by companies whose vessels are due for inspections or audits. We have a staff of professionals ready for any form of service and may be deployed where ever a need arises.

HPMSprovides expert consultancy services for ship inspections, including vetting, pre-vetting, valuation, condition surveys, ISM and ISO Audits

The Consultancy services include but not limited to:

  • Pre-purchase Inspections
  • Dry-dock repair supervision
  • ISM Code, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 System development
  • Preparation for Port State & Vetting Inspection
  • Development of Ship Security Systems, including initial assessment and preparation of Ship Security Plans.
  • On-site supervision for new-buildings
  • Ship conversion


International contacts and specialist knowledge enable HPMS to offer sound advice and guidance for prospective buyers. The sale & purchase activity would be initiated and tailor made to the clients needs and will be provided for on a turnkey basis.

Identifying suitable vessels

Pre-purchase inspection

The pre-purchase inspection which normally is done in a day and to the client specific requirements is to provide the information needed in connection with the purchase contract negotiation or in connection with project financing.

The vessel will be examined by our experienced staff and shall include visual inspection of all accessible areas, including the following:

  • Hull Condition
  • Cargo equipment
  • Deck equipment
  • Accommodation areas
  • Navigation equipment
  • Machinery
  • Deck and Machinery log books

Statutory documents and certificates onboard will be examined to establish the current status for the vessels with respect to compliance with present international regulations. Status with respect to compliance with statutory regulations that have been adopted and which may affect the vessels in the next few years will also be investigated.

A written report with a summary of the condition of all major areas will be provided following the inspection. The main elements in the report are:

  • A statement of facts including particulars of the vessel,
  • The validity of the certificates
  • Consumption figures
  • Condition assessment of Main & Auxiliary Machinery
  • The condition of the vessel
  • Representative photos of all areas inspected

Change of flag and registration

Developing MOA

Delivering vessels for purchase

HPMS can also provide ship investment analysis and sensitivity studies.